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I had a great experience here! Sheryl is amazing. She has a strong personality but she will pick the best dress for YOU and no one else. She is a seasoned bridal consultant that tries to understand her bride and their personalities. My dress was scheduled to arrive a few days before my wedding but I was in love with it so I took a chance. They called the manufacturer/designer and got me an additional few days. The women at this store especially Sheryl and Candy (the owner) are AMAZING! I went to several other bridal places (including Kleinfeld) but RK Bridal makes you feel like they are on your side. GO TO THEM! I went on a Monday after work and I didn’t wait longer than 5mins. Thank you Sheryl and Candy!!

Congrats to our consultant Natalie 

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posted 10/22/2016

I had a wonderful experience at RK bridal. From the moment I walked in everyone was so polite and professional. My consultant was Natalie and she was AWESOME. She helped me find my beautiful dress!! Thank you RK bridal for making this experience fun and stress free!

Congrats to our consultant Sheryl

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posted 10/22/2016

After reading reviews and hearing warnings about the long lines I decided to come here on a Satruday at 8:45am, a few minutes after they open for sign up (They open the actual store at 9:30am). I thought it would be packed since it’s a Saturday on Memorial day weekend so I prepared for the worst but I was first! It was nearly empty until 10am! I asked my family/friends to meet me there at 11am assuming it would take that long to be seen and I didn’t want them to wait long with me. But I was supposed to be first in line. I told the manager that I don’t mind being skipped because I was waiting for them and she was very nice about it. So they just called my name whenever someone was free until my family/friends came. 

Anyway while waiting I was able to look at dresses and they have so many! As other reviewers mentioned, do not come here first. I first went to BHLDN and researched dresses for months so I knew the style I wanted. But if you don’t know, it’s overwhelming.

My consultant was AMAZING, her name is Sheryl. She was the most caring, energetic person I could’ve ever asked for to help me find a dress. I don’t know if you can ask for specific consultants, but if you can, ask for her. I brought in photos of what I liked (Every bride should do this, it helps you and them), she was very happy about that because she started to understand my style and ran off to find dresses she believed would fit it and some dresses that were a little different but she felt would match me. 

They definitely have a wide price range and respect your budget, it’s a perfect experience if it’s not your first stop, maybe it depends on the consultant but mine was perfect, and if you don’t expect champagne (Just buy those little champagne cans to celebrate after) we just went to a bar, no big deal🙂

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